Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break '09

Despite having homework, I managed to enjoy a majority of my break. I spent the first few days with my older sister in her college dorm. Somewhat reluctantly, I attended one of her classes during which I almost fell asleep. (She later confessed that this particular class ranked among the more boring courses) Later we went shopping and stopped for ice cream, which made up for the prior boredom.

The next several days were reserved for lounging and relaxation at home, all alone, with peace and quiet.

When the weekend came, my mom and I drove down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to pick up my younger sisters from my grandparents' house. We stayed for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning before making the long trip back. No more sleeping in; the next day we were back at school.

Spring break never begins too early and always ends too soon. Especially since, this year, we don't have any more weekdays off from school. Only thirty-one days left, but who is really counting??

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