Monday, April 27, 2009


Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes captivated me with the novel's constantly changing plot. The story is a collage of flashbacks leading up to the nineteen minutes it takes for Peter Houghton, a seventeen-year-old student at Sterling High to kill ten students.

Josie.The main character in this novel is Josie Cormier, former best friend of Peter. As she grows up and realizes that Peter will always be an outcast, Josie ends their friendship. In highschool, Josie is picture perfect; she is the kind of person every girl would kill to be like. She is book-smart also, and she keeps her grades up. To top it all off, her boyfriend Matt Royston is a starter on the varsity hockey team. Throughout the book, Josie has to make choices involving both Matt and Peter, constantly struggling to make the right choices and live with the consequences of her actions.

The Judge. Alex Cormier, Josie's mother, was the judge assigned to the Peter's case. Alex is an excellent judge; no one could carry out her duties better. When it comes to parenting, however, she is clueless. When the two most important parts of her life (her job and her daughter) are intertwined, Alex almost falls apart.

Nineteen Minutes is a fantastic novel for anyone who enjoys a combination of mystery, criminal justice, and a little bit of romance.

*464 pages*

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