Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time Management :/

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, a book by Sean Covey, encourages adolescents to take control of their lives and futures. This book identifies problematic situations and different types of peoples' responses to these situations. Also, at the end of each section, Sean provides "baby steps" to assist teens in dealing with issues or changing their bad habits effectively and responsibly.

One area of my life that needs dramatic improvement is the way I manage, or rather fail to manage, my time. This relates to Habit 3, putting first things first. Sean advises to identify your big rocks, the most important things you want or need to accomplish. For me, identifying my minigoals for the week is easy enough. The hard part is following through by working to complete these goals in the time I have set aside for them. I know that I will eventually get around to doing whatever it is that absolutely has to be done. I allow myself to procrastinate, to do other less important things first, and I force myself to stay up late to complete the big rocks. In the end, it costs me valuable sleeping time. As soon as I can attain the will power to accomplish the important goals first, I will become considerably better at managing my time.

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Mrs. Gillmore said...

Awwww...time! Maybe we need 8 day weeks and 26 hour days? Just to catch up on sleep!

Do you us a daily planner to help with time management?

I have a calendar that goes everywhere I go (shhh...I have even taken it to church, so I could take notes/dates in it there also).

Might end your post with a question asking others what they encourage them to respond.